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Links to my favorite Development Tools
Integrated development environment
Eclipse IBM has released the platform and java development code of Websphere Studio Application Developer (what a name !) as open source. The result is Eclipse and it's my favorite IDE. Thanks IBM !!!
Java modeling tool

Well, it's heavy-weight and E X P E N S I V E !! But my nr. 1 modeling tool, if I could afford it :-((

Eclipse UML (Omondo)

promising feature set, but I never managed to download a (free) version which just plain worked; either trouble with big diagrams, or hassle with GEF/EMF versions, crashes etc. Maybe I try it some time again.

Slime UML slim, fast and powerful.
Version control

Next generation versioning; distributed version management.

SubVersion the current standard used nearly everywhere, where distributed versioning systems are not (yet) used.
Mercurial pure java distributed version management
Build management
Ant To build plain Java projects, there's nothing but Ant. No way around it. If you still use make, take a look at this.
Maven Not easy to use right, but if done, it's the standard Java build tool. Never again hassle with transitive dependencies !
JUnit If you want to do continuous Integration and make sure, your components at every time in development have a guaranteed quality, use this. It is a very simple, thus easy to learn, yet very efficient tool to guarantee code quality. No project without JUnit !
Bug tracking
BugZilla You need bugtracking ? For big projects, go for BugZilla, read the Install instructions and you know why ...
Trac ... for small projects I prefer Trac; it integrates svn with wiki, fisheye-like changeset views etc plus heaps of plugins; all for free
AND... there's an Eclipse integration for it !
Jira ... if you need the big thing, jira has it all. But you need lots of money and an administrator ;-(
Oracle, DB/2 Well, still looking for 'my' database. Oracle and DB/2 are the ones I use, but they are not public domain.
Postgres, MySQL Still looking for a simple PD-Database, which is compatible to Oracle and/or DB/2 at least concerning data types and basic join syntax. Always thought, SQL was a standard :-(( Maybe I'll take a look at Postgres at some time...


To get this App Server up and running, these in-memory pure java databases come quite handy. But don't try to substitute them for Oracle. Joins just dont work or have different syntax, basic datatypes are incompatible etc..
Application server
Tomcat A really cool Servlet-Container. I use it as a small Web-Server as well.
JBoss The public domain Application Server. Great work !
Web browser
Firefox of course the public domain-browser of choice. If you use Linux, Konqueror is the ultimate tool.
Web development
DreamWeaver Studio MX Well, not public domain, but my favorite Web Development tool. Ultradev is the most flexible Wysiwyg tool I've ever seen. Highly recommended for JSP development with your favorite taglib.
Parser generator
ANTLR Need to write a Lexer or Parser ? Yacc and Lex were my favorites. But then came ANTLR - one tool for all, clear syntax, easily readable LL-Parser with the expressive power of LR(1). And - easy error handling. Great tool !
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