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Q: I installed Slime UML but nothing happens with my IDE.

A: Read the instructions. Use the diagram wizard to start.

Q: Is Slime UML compatible with Eclipse / Websphere Studio Application Developer version x.y ?

A: Slime UML is compatible with Eclipse 3.0 and higher. If you are interested in a version for Eclipse 2.x or WSAD 5.0, please contact support. It's extensively tested on Windows platforms; but runs on all platforms which Eclipse 3.x supports.

Q: Does it run on Linux ? Windows ? Mac-OS ?

A: Yes, it should run on all platforms which support Eclipse 3.x.

Q: How can I move a connection from one class to another ?

A: You cannot reconnect connections in V1.x. Delete it and create a new one.
Slime 2.0 will support this.

Q: How can I generate code from my detached class ?

A: This is not supported yet. Manually create a source file using Eclipse wizards and attach the class shape to it. Slime 2.0 will support this.

Q: Autolayout does not seem to work; it just places classes one beneath the other instead of respecting the hierarchy.

A: Make sure you selected all relevant classes before pressing autolayout; check the preference settings, if autolayout is set to use inheritance instead of aggregation relationships.

Q: Does Slime UML support Use Case / Activity / State / Deployment / Sequence Diagrams ?

A: Not yet.

Q: I unzipped the plugin into my eclipse/plugins directory, restarted eclipse. But still I don't see any Slime Preference Page. Eclipse does not report that SlimeUML is installed

A: Since Eclipse 3.x the Plugin Registry is cached to speedup platform initialization. Sometimes this cache doesn't notice plugins. Start Eclipse with command line option eclipse.exe -clean to force rebuilding the plugin registry (you only need to do this once !).