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Feature Completion Status Slime UML 2.0.5 vs 1.x

Feature   Slime1 Slime2
  Class x x
  Detached Class x x
  Package x x
  Use Case x x
  Actor x x
  System x x
  StartState x -
  EndState x -
  State * -
  association x x
  inheritance x x
  aggregation x x
  composition x x
  dependency x x
  extend x x
  include x x
  realization x x
  label x x
  role names x x
  multiplicity x x
  direction x x
  reconnect - x
  bendpoints - x
  routing - x
  source class x x
  source packages x x
  binary class - x
  binary package - x
  library - -
  src folder - -
  Diagram parts x x
  to EMF x x
  to SVG x -
  one page x x
  multiple pages - x
  save x x
  load x x
  new wizard x x
  new file x x
  save XMI - x
  container shapes - x
  autosave as png,jpeg on save - x
General Diagram Actions      
  multi-select x x
  marquee-select x x
  autoscroll x x
  overview x x
  zoom in/out x x
  autolayout x x
  undo/redo - x
  direct edit x x
  show/hide class parts x x
  focus traverse x x
  direct edit focused on keypress x -
  marquee-autoscroll x x
  direct connect without tool selection - -
  Autolayout Prefs x -
  Class Diagram x -
  Print x -
Selection Actions      
  all x x
  sub- and superclasses x x
  subclasses x x
  superclasses x x
  all sub- and superclasses x x
  all subclasses x x
  all superclasses x x
Align Actions      
  left x x
  right x x
  top x x
  bottom x x
  vertical centered x x
  horizontal centered x x
  distribute horiz. x x
  distribute vert. x x
Fast Browsing Mode   x x
Java Model Sync      
  sync methods/attributes x x
  generate detached - x
  add binary classes x x
  add source classes x x
  inheritance x x
  association x -
  association 1.5 generics - -
  association emf doc-tag - -
Outline View   - x
memory imprint < 1MB   x -
big diagrams with more than 500 classes   x partially
support '\n' text wrap in properties   x x
increase/decrease font size   x -